Everyone needs to send Mr. Conner a reply to his ridiculous letter…. Here is mine.

Everyone needs to send Mr. Conner a reply to his ridiculous letter…. Here is mine.

From: Falkowski, Robert J
Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 10:05 AM
To: Ray Conner
Subject: RE: Update on 777X site selection

Mr. Conner,

As a Union member and an AMT on the 787 flightline in Everett, (which is a total manufacturing debacle.) I find your letter quite insulting.

Firstly, the reason I say that is for the simple fact you have shown you have no respect for the people that have worked days, weekends and many months doing what we do to rescue the 787 program. We have bent over backwards to help this company dig itself out of the hole that the 787 has created. I personally have spent my holidays here and more weekend than I care to imagine doing my best to help turn the program around.

As a company your greatest asset is the people that produce the products you sell and without them you have no product or company. I shouldn’t need to tell you that, but it seems as if you don’t see it that way. The entire process you have created with the 777X is far from any “Working Together” or any type of proactive company/ employee relation program the company preaches to make the company more successful.

Secondly, if in fact what you say is true, why didn’t you and your leadership team collaborate with the assets that currently build the products that make this company successful and ask us!? Ask us what we can do to create a competitive environment to beat the competition and again become the world class commercial plane manufacture in the world. You Mr. Conner chose the contrary. You secretly met and negotiated with individuals who have no idea what it takes to build an airplane let alone how to make the company more successful. I find that disrespectful.

Instead, we have now been put into a position of coercion and a take it or leave it scenario. You have basically destroyed any positive relationship that existed or would have ever existed. The years it will take to mend that relationship can only be estimated in decades.

Lastly, I would think a person who began as an IAM member would have more compassion toward the entity that helped you become successful. I find this whole contract situation unbelievable and outrageous.


Robert J. Falkowski


One thought on “Everyone needs to send Mr. Conner a reply to his ridiculous letter…. Here is mine.

  1. Steve

    From: Ramsey, S
    Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 3:39 PM
    To: Ray Conner
    Cc: machinists@iam751.org

    Subject: RE: Update on 777X site selection
    Dear Mr Conner:

    Your letter confirms the IAM’s position that a requirement was made of
    them to endorse the now rejected offer as a pre-condition.

    Regardless of the merits or shortcomings of that offer, the president
    of IAM 751 could not, in good conscience comply with that demand.

    Neither was it fair or just for you to place such a condition on one
    man. When Boeing did that, it ceased to be a contract negotiation. It
    ceased to be a mere business deal. It became an effort to exercise
    unfair and undue influence by the application of pressure on one man,
    Tom Wroblewski, who, along with his team, are my elected

    That provision was coercive. It was unfair. It was intimidation. In
    spite of the reported atmosphere of cordiality.

    I would point you to this bullet point from the company code of

    “•I will observe fair dealing in all of my transactions and interactions”

    In my view, this has not taken place. Neither has any sort of good
    faith bargaining taken place since the first offer was voted down.

    I would urge you to reconsider your position, and return to
    negotiations with a true spirit of good faith bargaining.

    Steve Ramsey


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