To Jim and Ray – Merry Christmas

From: Grinde, Donald T
Sent: Monday, December 16, 2013 01:03 PM Pacific Standard Time
To: Conner, Raymond L; McNerney, Jim
Subject: To Jim and Ray – Merry Christmas

I know I have sent this from home, but wanted to make sure it got to at least your assistant. Merry Christmas.

To: Jim McNerey and Ray Conner,

I am grateful for the opportunity to build AP’s at Boeing and earn a living with decent benefits for my family. Thank you! I mean that, so does most everyone else. An attitude of gratitude in the future is easier to come by when we have a sense of shared values, dignity and demonstrate mutual respect. We don’t have that now, and really haven’t for many years at Boeing. I have watched Boeing transform since 1977. By the early 90’s the company started becoming impersonal turning cold. Today we have gone from cold, to threats, ultimatums and perceived extortion tactics. I remember a Boeing that long ago had Christmas parties and handed out gifts to employee’s children. Now we can’t even mention that word in print. We lost something valuable and intangible as people moreover as a company. We all know America and Boeing have changed, but changed into what? Is George Orwell’s world finally here? “In time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

The Machinists like no other group of employees has more time, heart, blood and sweat invested in the well being of Boeing than we do. We want our company leaders to start acting like we care, because we do. We are unsure of what motivates our company executives and International Union Leaders other than the obvious source of motivation, money. There is little trust when back room deals are cut that lack transparency and openness. There is no trust when we aren’t allowed meaningful examination and verification of projected claims. There is no trust when pensions are slashed without justification and max pay rate can’t be reached. But at the heart of it all something else is missing money cannot purchase.

We expect Boeing to be better, bigger and mean more than just profit margins and pay checks. Profit and or pay checks alone won’t build reputation, reliability, service, integrity, honesty, respect, dignity, caring, pride, quality, craftsmanship, creativity, ingenuity, brilliance, emotion, empathy, relationship, gratitude, satisfaction, appreciation, trust or community. People do that, its time Boeing start treating its employees like people instead of commodity at a auction yard. I don’t like being this blunt, especially this close to Christmas, but when you corner your opponent (family?) into a perceived life or death situation you know it can’t end quietly. Jim and Ray, There is a much better and easier way to a profitable and happy future!

I know you both have reached pinnacles of professional human achievement, but now demonstrate to us who you really are as Jim and Ray. Tell us what you desire, we can likely achieve it while at the same time preserving our wonderful heritage and sacred benefits. That’s why I say NO to your offer, because there is hope and a will for something better for us all. We can do this, we will do this, and it can be accomplished without all the drama if we have courage and conviction to do what is meaningful and just. Now let’s go build and bust some aviation sales and production records.


Don Grinde
Everett Plant.


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