Rosie’s Machinist’s 751 is a blog for union members to share stories of solidarity, support and concerns. Our home is with the IAM District 751 but we embrace all union members.
I created this Blog to provide union members a safe place to voice opinions and concerns regarding union membership and leadership.

In recent weeks, we have experienced unprecedented actions by our employer and our union! As a result many of us are left feeling insecure and angry. We have questions and concerns about the future.

This is a place where you can address those concerns and talk about possible solutions. All I ask is the you keep it respectful and solutions based.
This isn’t MY page this is OUR page! Let’s work together to build a better union!

Important Notice:
When visiting please be respectful and courteous of all members and non-members( yes, it still applies to Boeing and Union leadership). Bullying, disrespect, abusive language or threats of any kind will not be tolerated! Posts with this sort of content will be promptly deleted and the user banned. If you have something to say please do it in a respectful and courteous manner.


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