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Letter’s To CEO’s :Dear Mr Conner

From: Ramsey, S Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 3:39 PM

To: Ray Conner Cc:

Subject: RE: Update on 777X site selection

Dear Mr Conner:

Your letter confirms the IAM’s position that a requirement was made of them to endorse the now rejected offer as a pre-condition.

Regardless of the merits or shortcomings of that offer, the president of IAM 751 could not, in good conscience comply with that demand.

Neither was it fair or just for you to place such a condition on one man. When Boeing did that, it ceased to be a contract negotiation. It ceased to be a mere business deal. It became an effort to exercise unfair and undue influence by the application of pressure on one man, Tom Wroblewski, who, along with his team, are my elected representatives.

That provision was coercive. It was unfair. It was intimidation. In spite of the reported atmosphere of cordiality.

I would point you to this bullet point from the company code of conduct:

“•I will observe fair dealing in all of my transactions and interactions”

In my view, this has not taken place. Neither has any sort of good faith bargaining taken place since the first offer was voted down.

I would urge you to reconsider your position, and return to negotiations with a true spirit of good faith bargaining.

Steve Ramsey


To Jim and Ray – Merry Christmas

From: Grinde, Donald T
Sent: Monday, December 16, 2013 01:03 PM Pacific Standard Time
To: Conner, Raymond L; McNerney, Jim
Subject: To Jim and Ray – Merry Christmas

I know I have sent this from home, but wanted to make sure it got to at least your assistant. Merry Christmas.

To: Jim McNerey and Ray Conner,

I am grateful for the opportunity to build AP’s at Boeing and earn a living with decent benefits for my family. Thank you! I mean that, so does most everyone else. An attitude of gratitude in the future is easier to come by when we have a sense of shared values, dignity and demonstrate mutual respect. We don’t have that now, and really haven’t for many years at Boeing. I have watched Boeing transform since 1977. By the early 90’s the company started becoming impersonal turning cold. Today we have gone from cold, to threats, ultimatums and perceived extortion tactics. I remember a Boeing that long ago had Christmas parties and handed out gifts to employee’s children. Now we can’t even mention that word in print. We lost something valuable and intangible as people moreover as a company. We all know America and Boeing have changed, but changed into what? Is George Orwell’s world finally here? “In time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

The Machinists like no other group of employees has more time, heart, blood and sweat invested in the well being of Boeing than we do. We want our company leaders to start acting like we care, because we do. We are unsure of what motivates our company executives and International Union Leaders other than the obvious source of motivation, money. There is little trust when back room deals are cut that lack transparency and openness. There is no trust when we aren’t allowed meaningful examination and verification of projected claims. There is no trust when pensions are slashed without justification and max pay rate can’t be reached. But at the heart of it all something else is missing money cannot purchase.

We expect Boeing to be better, bigger and mean more than just profit margins and pay checks. Profit and or pay checks alone won’t build reputation, reliability, service, integrity, honesty, respect, dignity, caring, pride, quality, craftsmanship, creativity, ingenuity, brilliance, emotion, empathy, relationship, gratitude, satisfaction, appreciation, trust or community. People do that, its time Boeing start treating its employees like people instead of commodity at a auction yard. I don’t like being this blunt, especially this close to Christmas, but when you corner your opponent (family?) into a perceived life or death situation you know it can’t end quietly. Jim and Ray, There is a much better and easier way to a profitable and happy future!

I know you both have reached pinnacles of professional human achievement, but now demonstrate to us who you really are as Jim and Ray. Tell us what you desire, we can likely achieve it while at the same time preserving our wonderful heritage and sacred benefits. That’s why I say NO to your offer, because there is hope and a will for something better for us all. We can do this, we will do this, and it can be accomplished without all the drama if we have courage and conviction to do what is meaningful and just. Now let’s go build and bust some aviation sales and production records.


Don Grinde
Everett Plant.

Everyone needs to send Mr. Conner a reply to his ridiculous letter…. Here is mine.

Everyone needs to send Mr. Conner a reply to his ridiculous letter…. Here is mine.

From: Falkowski, Robert J
Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 10:05 AM
To: Ray Conner
Subject: RE: Update on 777X site selection

Mr. Conner,

As a Union member and an AMT on the 787 flightline in Everett, (which is a total manufacturing debacle.) I find your letter quite insulting.

Firstly, the reason I say that is for the simple fact you have shown you have no respect for the people that have worked days, weekends and many months doing what we do to rescue the 787 program. We have bent over backwards to help this company dig itself out of the hole that the 787 has created. I personally have spent my holidays here and more weekend than I care to imagine doing my best to help turn the program around.

As a company your greatest asset is the people that produce the products you sell and without them you have no product or company. I shouldn’t need to tell you that, but it seems as if you don’t see it that way. The entire process you have created with the 777X is far from any “Working Together” or any type of proactive company/ employee relation program the company preaches to make the company more successful.

Secondly, if in fact what you say is true, why didn’t you and your leadership team collaborate with the assets that currently build the products that make this company successful and ask us!? Ask us what we can do to create a competitive environment to beat the competition and again become the world class commercial plane manufacture in the world. You Mr. Conner chose the contrary. You secretly met and negotiated with individuals who have no idea what it takes to build an airplane let alone how to make the company more successful. I find that disrespectful.

Instead, we have now been put into a position of coercion and a take it or leave it scenario. You have basically destroyed any positive relationship that existed or would have ever existed. The years it will take to mend that relationship can only be estimated in decades.

Lastly, I would think a person who began as an IAM member would have more compassion toward the entity that helped you become successful. I find this whole contract situation unbelievable and outrageous.


Robert J. Falkowski

In support of a Better Vision for our Future

From: darrell To:;; Subject: In support of a Better Vision for our Future Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 13:20:20 -0800

Mr. McNerney and Mr. Conner,


Every relationship is built on a foundation of “Trust”. How we behave in one aspect of our life carries over into other areas. Trust is just one of a number of building blocks that help to define our personal character and in your case as Presidents of Boeing, our Corporate Character. We are all asked to renew our commitment to the Boeing Company Ethical Business Conduct for All Boeing Employees every year. The long term image your building for this great Company is affected by how you both act with our customers, vendors, politicians and with the Union. You see, this battle is defining public opinion and your demonstrating poor behavior and the public and our customers are watching.  There is a reason we don’t allow bullying in our schools and we should never allow it in the workplace. These behaviors erode trust and set a bad precedent for those to follow.

 This fight you’ve created with the Union will ultimately define your legacy. Even if you win you will ultimately lose. The Pension, you’re fighting so hard to remove as a benefit is the thread that holds this delicate fabric together. Our “Pension drives our loyalty” it is what allows us to tolerate, exceptionally poor leadership at the lower levels, incomplete drawings, parts shortages, lack of vision, lack of inspiration, and lack of accountability at all levels and still show up, do our best work and deliver a quality product.  I urge you both to better understand the implications of what you are asking, because if you are successful, your legacy will ultimately reflect your “winning” as the main reason for Boeing’s long term market decline. While we’re on the topic, the Union isn’t the reason for declining market share, you are.

 There is so much low hanging fruit, opportunities to streamline and create efficiencies. If you invested as much time in solving our issues in house as you are lobbying against Union benefits you would be farther ahead. For example: You are both responsible for the Boeing Company being so top heavy  13 support and leadership people for every 1 mechanic. We lack accountability in all areas of our business, we pay extortionist rates for our parts and fasteners, we engineer an airplane a couple of times instead of doing it right the first time, our business is rooted in the past with processes that have not been updated in 30 years, we don’t manage to the processes already established with the Union, we don’t leverage technology, we promote from within even when applicants don’t demonstrate proper competencies, we are way behind the automation curve (we still pick parts by hand, etc.), and leadership practices are outdated and don’t reflect the needs of a younger workforce or women. We haven’t reorganized in years to better align our strengths to the needs of the business. I could go on and on with the challenges we face moving forward.

 Mr. McNerney and Mr. Conner, I strongly encourage you to rethink your strategy, create a better vision for our future for our employees and the overall long term success of our business. We need you to do better, inspire more, and reach higher than you are today. We need you to inspire our customers, politicians, vendors and employees by working together with the Union to find a reasonable solution. Demonstrate through your actions how Corporate Leaders should behave. Work with the Unions to show the rest of the America how we can partner for a better tomorrow for all involved. Push people out of their comfort level, challenge the status quo and give us something we can really support and believe in. Partner with us to reinvent what a Union is in today’s workforce! Help us move toward a more performance based culture where both sides win!


 Darrell Martin